Chips packaging with ordinary stapler

Here, we will learn how to package products like plantain chips, potatoes chips, all kinds of snacks and whatever you may want to package with stapler. I mean the same stapler used in offices to staple papers can be turned into a packaging machine.  This packaging method will be helpful to some start up businesses. If you know how to prepare delicious snacks and you are not buoyant presently to buy more advanced packaging machines, then you may use this method to start your packaging business. Once you adhere to the procedures explained here be sure that your items will remain well packaged. Your snacks will remain crunchy. 

Items you will require

To start, you need the following items:

Packaging nylon
Staple machine
Items you want to package

Packaging process

Any good packaging nylon will be okay for this method. You don't necessarily need a very thick packaging nylon to achieve a good and neat packaging here, all you need is a strong and glass clear nylon that will help make your products attractive. Since you will be using stapler to package, make sure you do not use a dull nylon.  These glass clear nylons are available in packaging shops in your location, so you just go buy some from the shops. 
Next, with your standard measurement, add your items inside the nylon. Cut your label to be almost the same width with the nylon. 
To add more beauty to your packaging, ensure that the label display front and back. To achieve that fold your label into two just like I displayed in the picture above. 
Attach the label to the nylon, then fold the attached label 2 or 3 times inorder to achieve air tight packaging. 
With your stapler, staple both ends of the label as well as the middle, just as shown in the picture above. 
Now, your beautifully packaged product is ready for distribution to shops. 

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