Basic branded packaging for small businesses


Here we are gonna learn the most basic branded packaging for small and micro businesses.

All you need is to get your packaging nylon. You could get any crystal clear transparent nylon, then brand it with the help of my course on how small businesses can print label on their packaging nylon without using any printing machine. Click here to get the course.

Doing this basic branding is very easy, something everyone can do without any previous experience. The next is to seal up the side of the nylon. Then arrange the nylon in such a way that the sealed side will be at the back. This is called back sealing. After that, seal one end of the nylon with your impulse sealer, then add your product inside the nylon. Here we will be sealing party chips. So after adding the party chips or whatever item you wanna seal, then you seal up the other end. 


Walah, here comes our beautifully packaged item. A micro business can use this method to upgrade its packaging.

Watch the video below for more understanding

You can use this method to package any whole product and powdered product.

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