Making paper pouch for packaging


making paper pouch for packaging


We will learn how to make paper pouch for packaging whole products. The paper you can use for this is cardboard paper, sugar paper or any other slightly thick paper that can hold your product well. You can get thee paper from people selling printing materials. There are items you might just need to package with paper, especially those items that you may sell by yourself in your shops etc. You can also get these cards/paper from bookshops and from people selling art materials. 

How to 

You simple cut the size of A4 paper from the paper you are using for the packaging. Here i used sugar paper. The next thing is to create a window on the pouch. Through this window, your end users will be able to see your items before purchasing them because it is never ideal for small businesses to close up all parts of  the items. The end users expects the small business to create a window through which they can view what they are buying. The next thing is to strategically fold the paper like I did in the video below. Then you brand the paper. 

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After branding your paper, then you make sure that all he sides are properly sealed with gum, just like i did in the video below. Note, the glue you will use here is the glue for holding plastics or for holding metals. Do not use paper glue nor super glue. Super glue is watery and it may stain the paper, thereby making your product to look untidy. 

The next thing is to add your item inside a light and transparent nylon, seal it up with your impulse sealer, then add it inside the paper pouch and close up the pouch. Click here to see my other blog where i packaged a product with cardboard paper.

Watch the video below for better understanding. 


You can use this method to package some whole items that you may be selling yourself or some  whole products you may be supplying to shops and supermarkets. Hope you learnt something new today. Thank you for visiting my blog, watch out for my next blog.

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