Sealing without electricity

sealing without electricity

Here, I am going to show you how you can use chivital method to  seal and package your product as a  small business without using  electricity. All you need are simple and common things found in the home.

Items required

  • A pair of scissors 
  • Items you want to package 
  • candle stick
  • Lighter 
  • Packaging nylon
  • Two spoons with straight handle 

Step 1 

items required

Get all the required item ready as I have listed above. It is preferable you do these sealings in door, to avoid breeze disturbing your candle fire. 

Step 2 

get your packaging nylon

Get your packaging nylon. You get those packaging nylons from packaging shops. Get the sizes that will be okay for the sizes of the items you wanna package.  In this I will be packaging peanut burger which is sold for N50 per satchel in Nigeria in this 2023.

Step 3 

add item

Add the items you wanna seal inside the packaging nylon. Here, I simply added my peanut burger inside the packaging nylon.

Step 4

put fire in candle

With your lighter, put fire in your candle. This candle will serve as the sealing machine. Like I said before, do this indoors to avoid breeze disturbing your candle. 

Step 5

straight handle spoons

Make sure you have two spoons with with to straight handles. This handles of the spoons have to be straight, this will enable you  have a smooth, straight and neat sealing. 

Step 6 

fold nylon backwards

Fold the nylon containing the product you wanna seal backwards, making sure there is allowance for adding  label, because after you add your products in the nylon, you should still have like extra 2 or 3 inches allowance above, this will take care of the sealing and label.. Folding the nylon backward will help you to position the nylon well before using the two spoons. 

Step 7

position nylon

While holding the 2 table spoons in a vertical position, let the folded nylon be in between the table spoons. Position the spoons in such a way that only a little portion on the nylon will be above the spoons. This is the portion of the nylon you will be sealing with the candle. 

Step 8

Pass the nylon through the candle fire and seal. Seal from one end  and seal backward again, to get a tight and neat sealing.

Step 9

add label

Add your label in the allowance provided for the label. You should always print your packaging label on a glossy paper, this will make the label to the shinny and more beautify thereby enhancing the beauty of your product.

Step 10 

position nylon again

Position the nylon again in between the spoon to seal up the final opening. After positioning the nylon, if you think the nylon above the spoons is excess, then cut of the excess and make sure it's only few part of the nylon is above the spoon just like indicated in the picture above, 

Step 11

seal again

Pass the nylon through the candle fire and just seal again, just like you did the first time.

Step 12

finished product

Here comes our final product. Here your product is fully ready for marketing and distribution. You can watch the entire process in a video by clicking below.

To watch more of chivital sealing and packaging method visit our YouTube channel: 

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