Packaging coconut chips

Packaging coconut chips


If you know how to make coconut chips as a micro business,  then you may find this blog helpful in terms of packaging your coconut chips. 

To begin, you may use the nylon I used in the video below or you may use other good nylons.  I actually had to cut the nylon I used into small sizes and I got 8 sachets from the big nylon. The nylon is crystal clear and can be used for snacks packaging.  

After cutting the. nylon, I branded them. To learn how to brand your product as a small business without using any printing machine click here.

After branding your nylon you go ahead and seal up with your impulse sealer. From the video below, I demonstrated the two methods you can use in sealing.  

For more understanding watch the video below.


Coconut chips business can actually be a lucrative business if you have a sound knowledge of how to prepare it and package it as a small business. I am certain that this blog has provided the packaging ideas you need. 

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