Turmeric powder packaging in bottle


  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging process
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
    4. Step 4
  3. Our finished product
  4. Conclusion 


In this blog, we will be learning how to package tumeric powder in a packaging bottle.  You can use this method to package any powdered product like turmeric, ginger, red pepper 🌶️, black pepper, White pepper, garlic powder etc. 

The items you require are:
Turmeric powder or any powdered product 
Packaging bottle with seal in the cap
Table spoon
Paper sticker label
A pair of scissors 

Packaging process

For this bottle packaging, we will be using the packaging bottle with its own seal. Some packaging bottles cap have their own seals, while others do not come with seals. For such bottles that their caps do not come with seals, you will have to manually seal their caps with nylons.

 But for the bottles that their caps come with their own seals, all you need to do is to cover the bottles with their covers after adding the items inside the bottle and once you do that, you have sealed the bottle. In my future blog I will be showing you how to seal the bottles without their their own seals. 

Step 1

Pour the turmeric powder inside the bowl. 

Step 2

Using your table spoon, transfer the required measurement of your powdered product inside your packaging bottle. 

Step 3

Gently, cover the bottle with its seal cap by turning it clockwise.

 Turn it gently until you have tightly cover the bottle. Be careful not to go anti clockwise because the moment you go anti clockwise the seal in the cap will break. 

Step 4

Cut your paper sticker label with your pair of scissors, and open up the paper sticker label. Now begin to paste the sticker label on the bottle from from one end to the other. As your are pasting from one end to the other, keep surpressing the sticker so that it will properly stick on the bottle. Ensure that your sticker is straight while you are pasting it. 

Our finished product 

Walah, here comes our finished product, looking beautiful and neatly packaged. 


You can export your turmeric powder for foreign exchange or you can sell them in local stores and supermarkets. Since they are properly sealed and packaged different shops and supermarkets will accept them. 

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