How small and micro businesses can print label on their packaging nylons

A digital Course on branding for small businesses 

This is a seven chapter full video tutorial  course that will teach you how you  can do a beautiful branding for your products as a small/micro business.  As a small business, you do not need any kind of printer to brand your product. All you need are inks and other simple tools and materials which are very cheap and they are all available in our everyday markets. The process of the printing is also very easy. It is something you can do very well. I decided to make this course available to help small businesses minimize the costs of print. This course will also give you the desired satisfaction you need concerning branding your products.

Chapter one is an introduction of the course. It will give you an overview of the training. 

In Chapter two, I listed the tools and materials you will be needing for the printing. They were physicality available for the students to see  and understand their uses and how to use them.  I also mentioned where these materials and tools can be purchased. They are all inexpensive and they are available in  our every day market. 

Chapters three and four are full teaching practical on how to prepare all the tools and materials needed and to get them fully ready for the printing.  

In Chapter five, the printing proper was done and the outcome of our printing project was simply beautiful. Practical were done on printing with different colours, how to lay your packaging nylons  as well as well as how to position them in order to achieve accurate printing for both back and side sealings.  

In chapter six, I did a full training on how you will take care of your printing tools and keep them in good condition for printing next time as well how you can preserve your remaining printing materials to be used for your next printing project.  

Finally, in Chapter seven, I tested the printed materials by using them to package real life products and the entire packaging are simply beautiful.  

Course fee N5000 


If you are paying locally and you couldn't pay with your debit card, then you can do bank transfer. 

Follow the method below for bank transfer:

1) Click on "Order now" to take you to the payment page.

2) Enter your Name and Email

3) Click on Pay

4) Click on "Change payment method" at the bottom of the payment page. 
5) Choose transfer 

6) Continue with the remaining transfer process to complete your payment 

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Very Important

Immediately after payment, download all the files before closing the page. Once you close the page you won't be able to access the files. 

For international payment

Course fee : USD 8.00


Once the file opens, you should download and extract the file before closing the page. Once you close the page you wont be able to access the files again.

To understand more about packaging for small and micro businesses visit my YouTube channel

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