Groundnut Packaging in Roll

This is a new business idea. With the method I will be sharing here, you will be able to package groundnut in rolls with mini hand sealers and industrial nylon.

Cut out the length of the nylon you need from the nylon roll, Next you brand the nylon. Print your label on the nylon you want to use for the packaging. Here the nylon I am using is 7.5 inches width and 25 inches height for 6 sachets. Click here to get my course on printing. The course will teach you how you can print your label on your packaging nylon as small business. It is as simple as abc... It is something anybody can do. Here, I printed with only one colour, but you can use two colours if you wish. My course will teach you all you need to know about printing labels on nylon. It is 7 chapters video course. Here I did side sealing. Click here to understand different methods of sealing. 

Next, you fold the nylon into to equal parts, with your smooth surface sealer, you seal up the side.

Next, you seal one end of the nylon, then you add the standard measurement of your item to the packaging nylon. Add for the first sachet, then seal up with the smooth surface hand sealer, then top it up with the lined surface mini hand sealer. The lined surface mini hand sealer will strengthen the sealing and at the same time it will give it that line that will make it look like industrial sealed product. 

Repeat the same process until you seal the entire sachets. Every supermarket and shops ill accept the product because it is unique and very neat.

With this business idea, you can now start up something and start earning income, peradventure you have been seeking for a new business idea. 

Watch my YouTube video below for more understanding. 

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