Packaging with two colours branded nylon


two colours branding


With our Course 201 - Updated label printing course - small and micro businesses will be able to brand their products just like big printing firms. To get my course on branding for small businesses click here.
Here we packaged salad slices and party chips with our branded nylons. Watch the video below to learn more.

To begin  the packaging, first you brand your nylon with our printing course. After branding, you cut out the part of the nylon you will be using from your nylon roll, then you seal up the side with your smooth surface mini hand sealer. After sealing up the side, you will seal up one end. From the other end you add your items inside the nylon to keep forming your sachet. As you add each sachet you seal with smooth surface sealer, then top it up with lined surface mini hand sealer. The process continues until you finish sealing the roll.

Learn more by watching the video below

In conclusion, you can learning branding for small and micro business with our Course 201 branding course so that you can take you packaging business to the next level.

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