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paper sticker label


Here, we will be learning how to properly paste paper sticker label on our products.  This is pretty easy and anybody can do it. You need your paper sticker label design then the items you want to paste the paper sticker on. As easy as pasting paper sticker on product could be, yet it can be frustrating if you do not get the process correctly. Here, I am gonna show you how to paste the paper sticker label both on product packaged with nylon/ bottle. Lets jump into the process. 

How it works

Starting with packaging nylon: Ensure that the packaging nylon is properly positioned and ready for the process, then open up a little portion of your paper sticker. Paste it on the nylon while ensuring your hands are pasting them straight. You have to be careful and strategic so that it would not be bended. If you do not position your hand well, then it will be very likely that your label will be bended. Once everything is rightly positioned, then you paste that little portion of the paper sticker you opened on the nylon, then press it down with your finger. The reason for pressing is to ensure that the paper stickers stays flat on the nylon. You could use your finger to press it or you use a mild foam. 

Next, you lift another little portion from the back of the paper sticker and press it down again. So you keep lifting the paper at the back bit by bit and keep pressing the paper sticker down with your finger or a mild foam until the entire paper sticker is pasted. This method will give you a very neat job.

Never make the mistake of opening the entre paper sticker at once. This will make a mess of the entire work and everything will be rough and untidy.

You repeat the same process for bottle products and any other product you wish to brand with paper sticker label.


With this method you can brand your goods and they will be very neat and okay for sales, supply and exportation. 

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