Chips packaging with impulse sealer

The items you require are:

  • Nylon for packaging
  • Pair of scissors
  • Chips
  • Impulse sealer
  • Paper sticker label

Cut your nylon open

Here, I will be sealing potato chips.

The width of the nylon I am using for this chips is 5 inches and the length is 16 inches. This should give me 6 sachets of N100 chips in Nigeria. 

Add your chips to the nylon with your standard measurement.

Seal the chips with impulse sealer. Allow the sealing to cool for some seconds before you lift the handle of the sealer. Then give like a quarter inch space and seal again, this is the provision for the cutting.

Add another set of the chips and repeat the same sealing process until you seal the entire six sachets. 

You have to make sure that the provision you make for the cutting remains small so that you wouldn't have shortage in the nylon while sealing, because if you have shortage then your sachets might not be up to six. 
After sealing, then cut your paper sticker labels and paste them on each sachets.

Walah, your chips are ready. 

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