Packaging with branded already made pouch


packaging with branded already made pouch


In this blog, we will be learning ho to package with already made pouch as a small business. Note that you can use this method to package whole products, powdered products or product that come in paste form. 

To start

Here we will be packaging beans powder. In African, beans powder can be used to make akara or moi moi. Some people even mix beans powder and wheat flour to make  perfect snacks to meet their desires. So beans powder is a well known food in Africa and other parts of the world.

To start, you prepare your beans powder and get it ready. Do not forget that what we teach you here is packaging, to learn how to make beans powder, you can make researches on that. 

The next thing will be to brand your pouch. There are different already made pouches in the markets and in packaging shops, so you simply buy the ones you know that will be good for your product then you brand them. To get my course on how small business can print label on their packaging nylons without using printing machine, follow the steps below:

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  4. Click printing label on nylon
  5. Read the overview, then click order now to get the course.

You can also click here to go to the website direct.

After branding your already made pouch, you will add the beans powder or whatever product you wanna package inside the pouch, then you close up the pouch. Already made pouches always come with the provisions where the end user can close and open the pouch. So you make sure you close up the pouch, then above that zip lock section, you will seal up the pouch with your impulse sealer. The explanations here will even be easier by the time you watch the video below. 

In conclusion, you can turn your beans powder production into a lucrative business following the methods explained above. You can export the products or sell them locally. Hope you learnt something new today. Thank you for visiting my blog, watch out for my next blog.

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