Groundnut packaging in bottle


The items you require for packaging groundnut/peanut in bottles are:
  • Brand new packaging bottle with new cover
  • Paper sticker label
  • Your roasted and peeled peanuts
  • A Funnel
  • A pair of scissors

The packaging process 

Through the funnel, the peanuts will be transferred into the bottle, but since I do not have funnel, I decided to form a funnel with a plain A4 paper. Just fold the A4 paper like a funnel. Use cello tape to hold the ends together. Cut off a small portion at the tip to create a hole for the peanuts to enter the bottle. Place the paper funnel on top of the packaging bottle. 

Use table spoon or any other spoon to start transferring the peanuts into the bottle through the funnel. 

Continue the process and keep hitting the bottle on the table gently until you add enough peanut that will fill the bottle. The essence of hitting the bottle gently on the table is to ensure that the peanuts compress together leaving no space in the bottle. 

Once the bottle is completely filled up, you place the bottle cover on the bottle to cover it. You do not need any corking machine to seal your bottle packaged peanuts. The bottle cover which comes with seal will simply take care of the sealing.

Each new peanut packaging bottle comes with it's own seal, so you do not need to worry how to seal up the bottle. Once you close the bottle with it's cover properly, the bottle seals up immediately. 

Make sure you close the bottle tightly, but be careful not to turn the cover anticlockwise. Once you turn the cover anti clockwise the seal will break. So to avoid breaking the seal, tightly turn the bottle cover clockwise. 

After you have covered the bottle, the next thing is to paste your label on the bottle. 

Get your paper sticker containing your label, cut the portion you require with your pair of scissors. 

Gently, open up the paper sticker. 

Carefully paste it on the bottle from one end to the other and keep suppressing the paper sticker as you paste from one end to the other. Make sure your hand is straight while pasting the paper sticker. 


Walah, our packaged bottle peanut is ready for sales. They can be supplied to super markets and shops. They can be exported and you can equally sell them in your shop directly if you have a shop or you do whatever you want to do with it. This is how you package bottle peanut either for local sales or for exportation. 

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