Soya milk powder packaging in pouch


soya milk powder packaging


In this blog post, I am gonna teach a unique way to make stand up pouch for your packaging. This is quite different from the previous ones I taught in my former YouTube video. This method is new here. To watch my other videos on how make your own pouch click here

How To 

First, you need the following items: paper sticker label, tape, pen, factory nylon, mini hand sealers, the product you want to package, a par of scissors.

Before you start packaging, you ought to have known the dimensions of your product. Once you have determined that, you will go ahead to start packaging.

From your industrial nylon roll, measure out the length of your product, then cut it out with your pair of scissors. in my case, the length I need is 9 inches so i multiply it by 2 making it 18 inches, then I add extra half inch making it 18.5 inches. With my pair of scissors I will cut it off from the industrial nylon roll.

So I fold the nylon into two equal parts such that each side is 9.25 inches. The next thing is to trim the nylon and get the measurement of the width. my pouch width should be 5 inches, so I measure 5 inches and cut off the excess. That excess I cut off is not a waste because I will use it for the two sides of the pouch. So, from that excess, I cut the left and the right sides which are 2 inches width and 7 inches height for each sides. 

Forming the pouch proper

You start by forming the base of the pouch. First, fold the body of the pouch into two equal parts, then use a marker to mark the middle at both ends of the bottom. Mark the center of the two sides at each end.  Place one of the side on one end of the bottom of the body of the pouch making sure that the two middle align together. That was the essence of marking the middle of both the sides and the body of the pouch. Once you align both the body and the side, you seal up that center to form the base. Repeat the same process for the other side. With this process you have formed the base of the pouch. 

The next thing is to seal up the both sides and the body of the pouch. 

Then you will add your soya milk power or any other item you wish to package. After that you paste your paper sticker label. 


This is a unique way you can package your product in a custom made pouch.  Now you can easily make a classic  stand up pouch for packaging your powdered product or any kind of product you want to package. Hope you learnt something new today.

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