Packaging with take away plate

packaging with take away plate


You can actually package your products with take away plates. This will definitely eliminate rats and insects from attacking your product on the shelf. This packaging method will give your item long shelf life. 

You need the following items 

Take away plate 
The item you want to package 
Hot gun sealer
Industrial nylon
Mini hand sealer

How to package

The take away plate I will use here is 3 inches depth, and it is the big size . You can use the medium size or any size that is suitable for what you want to package. Pour your item inside the take away plate. The item I will be packaging here is crayfish. This can be supplied to super markets and shops and it can also be exported. You can use this method to package any kind of item. After pouring your item inside the take away plate, you will cover the plate with it's cover. 

The next is to measure the entire four sides of the cover of the take away plate. In my case the cover of the take away plate is 22inches. I will measure out that 22 inches in my factory nylon, then I will cut it out with my pair of scissors. I will also go ahead to measure the width of the take away plate on the nylon, and the width is 2 inches. So the length of the nylon is 22 inches while the width is 2inchs. 

With my smooth surface sealer. I will seal the nylon and I will wear it on the take away plate. making sure that it fits well on the take away plate in such a way that  1 inches will be above the cover of the take away and 1 inch will be below the cover of the take away plate cover.

Once you have succeeded in positioning the nylon well, then you use your hot gun sealer to shrink the nylon and seal the product. 

Immediately after that, you paste your paper sticker label, either by the side or on top of the take away plate. 

Whalah, here comes our packaging, very neat and beautiful. The product will be accepted in any shop or super market you take it to.


I hope you have really learnt something new today. You can use this method to package any kind of product. 

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