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Here, I will show you how to package tea with paper. So if you know how to make tea from herbs, why don't you turn it into a lucrative business. Even big companies do package tea with paper. All you need is a beautiful design. With a beautiful design your packaging will stand out. 

To begin, you need the following items : your design on paper, pair of scissors, gum and the item you want to package. You may use glossy paper for the packaging. Glossy paper will make your design to be shinny and attractive. You can use any good gum or glue, but please avoid using super glue because it will show up in the front of your packaging.  This packaging method is very economical and you can get 4 - 6 copies of your design on one A4 paper, depending on the size pf your product. Your best bet is to get your paper in bulk and the printing should also be done in bulk, this will further reduce the packaging cost.

To start

With your pair of scissors, cut out your design from your paper. In my case, the width of my design is 2.5 inches while the length is 6 inches. The next thing is to fold the paper into two equal parts to separate the front from the back. After that you open up the paper again and apply gum to both left and right edges from the inside. Fold the nylon again and press it to make sure that the two edges  properly gum together. Allow it to dry for like one or two minutes, then open up the paper to add your product with your standard measurement. 

After adding the item, you should make sure there are no particles at the opening of the paper bag to avoid obstruction when you want to apply the final gum for closing up the product. Apply gum at the opening of the paper bag, then press it gently to  make sure it closes properly. Allow the the gum to dry up for like one or to minutes. 


This is one way you can package your tea, with paper bag. You may supply these items to shops and super markets and you may package them for exportation as well. Hope you learnt something new today. 

Watch the video for more understanding. 

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