Making pack for tea bags


Making teabag pack


You can make your pack for your tea bags with ordinary thick paper or light carton. The items you will require are your pair of scissors, your thick paper which contains your design, glue and your tea made with herbs. If you know how to make tea from herbs, then what are you waiting for? You can actually turn it into a lucrative business and you will give people the opportunity to enjoy your good tea. Here i am gonna show you one simple and economical method you can use in packing your tea for both supplies and exportation. 

Making the tea pack

In the blog before this one, I explained how you can package your herb tea with ordinary gloss paper. click here to visit the page. In this particular blog I am gonna show you how you can make a beautiful pack for those tea you packaged. 

First, you start by getting a thick paper that will be good for your pack. In each pack, there should be like 10 to 12 pieces of tea bags depending on your choice. You might even choose to make a  pack of 24 or 25 pieces of tea bags, the choice is all yours. 

In this tutorial, I will be making a pack that will contain 10 or 12 pieces of tea bags,  so I cut the measurement of my pack from my thick paper or a very light carton. The length of the thick paper I need is 16 inches while the width is 9 inches. With this measurement I will plan for the front and back of the pack as well as the two sides. 

The measurement of the back and the front is 5 inches width and 3.5 inches height respectively while the measurement for both sides are 3 inches width and 3.5 inches height respectively. This simply means that the height of my pack is 3.5 inches. Considering these measurements, I will now go ahead and design my pack, that is the front, the back an the two sides as well as the top cover. If you are not good in designing, then you can meet your graphic designer to do the designing for you. 

After doing an attractive design, then you cut the part of the top and the down of the pack to make provision for folding the bottom and the top. So you cut and fold them in like I did in the video below, to help you form the shape of the pack. 

After forming the shape of the pack, the next thing you will do is to close up the pack at the side with your glue. You can use paper glue. Please, do not use super glue because it will make your work to be untidy. Next, you apply the glue on the bottom and close up the bottom.

You will add  the tea bags and close up the top with the glue. For more understanding, watch the video below.

Watch the video for more understanding


Packing your tea, is something very easy you can do. If you  follow the processes I explained above and in the video, you will get it perfectly will. After packing, then your tea will be ready for exportation and supply. If you think you can not go through the process or maybe you do not have the time to go through the process, then you can employ the services of printing firms and they will help you through out the entire process. The only thing you will have to supply them is the measurement and the dimension of your pack. 

Hope the blog was helpful? Hope you learnt something new today?

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