Packaging cookies


packaging cookies


Here, we will learn how to package cookies with our own branded nylon, so f you know how to make cookies, what are you waiting for to turn it into a lucrative business. Follow me as we learn how to package cookies.

Packaging cookies 

Get a plastic base for your cookies, then, get a good nylon for the packaging. Brand your nylon,  To get my course on how small businesses can print label on their packaging nylon without using printing machine click here. To place your order for industrial nylon for your packaging click here. 

Before branding your nylon, make sure you measure the base for your cookies, then get the same measurement on your packaging nylon, then brand the nylon.

After branding the industrial nylon then you begin the sealing with your mini hand sealers.  To get more insight on the packaging, watch the video below.

In conclusion, with the methods explain in this video, you can make good packaging for your cookies and the will be accepted in shops and super markets.

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