How to use impulse sealer


How to use impulse sealer


In this video, we will learn how to use impulse sealer in packaging your product as a small business.

How it works

You plug your impulse sealer to electricity. You set the temperature control of the sealer to the desired temperature. Normally, the temperature is from 1 - 8 seconds depending on the type of impulse sealer you are using. The next thing is to add your product inside the nylon, then lift the handle of the sealer so as to place your item on the sealer and begin to seal. 

This is the general way to use impulse sealer to seal. 

You can also watch the video below for better understanding.


Good impulse sealer with transformer will save you from a lot of stress when packaging, so when you want to get an impulse sealer do not get an impulse sealer without transformer, rather ensure you get the one with transformer. To watch my video where I talked about different types of impulse sealers click here.

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